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Fear or Trust - That is the question

In these unprecedented times, we’re faced with new truths and a new reality each morning upon awakening. The days of ‘knowing’ and planning seem foreign, maybe never to return. At the very least, they may not return to the same degree they presided over us in the past.

So if we don’t know and we cannot plan for tomorrow, then what is being asked of us here today? I am witnessing such a polarization taking place within our culture and globally as a civilization. Those who are blindly wanting to go about life as it always was, spiritually bypassing the collective pain passing through our civilization like a wave, and those who are mired in the paradigm of fear. Fear for themselves, for their loved ones, for their business, for their jobs, for the planet.

Today’s discussion is about addressing the fear.

From my experience the only way to address fear is to go right into it with the intention of getting to the root of it and allowing healing to happen at that level. If you believe your fear, you are therefore believing an old projection of your past, shrouded in stories that were true once and have been imprinted into your cellular structure. These stories may appear true now but chances are they are completely false.


Even more importantly, DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT OTHERS FEAR. Their fears are only projections of the stories and imprinting they carry.

So what then can you do with your fear?

Use it as a powerful tool for growth. Period. It is a gateway to deep core healing if you’re willing to dive in consciously.

If you’re willing to dive in and transform your fear, here’s my invitation.

Step 1: Get clear about what you fear

Ask yourself this question over and over again until you get to the core fear beneath it all.

What are you afraid of?

What about that is scary?

Do that now if you’re willing.