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12 Archetypes of the Powerful Woman

Archetypes, as universal symbolic patterns or ways of being found within the human spirit, have been part of human civilization since the beginning. Having initially found their way through

spoken word and story telling, they later entered into our history as written stories and historical

accounts of mythologies, beliefs and ways of being together.

They are inherent to our very existence.

And as such, the stories we see and read and tell are building the civilizations of tomorrow.

So which stories are we telling? The archetypes and myths found in our historical texts as well as

the current literature and entertainment industry are focused primarily on masculine archetypes,

giving rise to the imbalance of masculine/feminine energy as we experience it today. In order to

restore balance and harmony with the Earth itself and all Her people, we must begin by restoring

harmony within the self. That is, in reality the only first step available to us.

This leads us to the rise of the feminine within us all. It is time to allow this deep well-spring of

emotions and wisdom and softness and compassion to rise up and spill over. Without it we are doomed as a civilization.

And we begin by exploring the basic patterning of the human spirit from the feminine perspective. As much as doing and achieving and striving and goal-setting are vital to change, so too are quiet and introspection and reflection important. The ability to go within and source wisdom there is key in building the awareness needed to guide us forward.

Go within…Be still…Learn to tune into your soul’s voice.

These are qualities of the feminine and the qualities that are rising into our collective consciousness as NECESSARY for survival.

I’ve developed a 12-Archetype Wheel of the Powerful Woman, to guide us as a collective within the Woman Unveiled Mystery School. I will share with you some of the inspirations found within this wheel.

12 Archetypes of the Powerful Woman c2018 Nathalie Jackson

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