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12 Archetypes of a Powerful Woman


Limited to 6 participants

Build a Strong Foundation for Empowerment

Manifest Powerful Intentions

Become All of Who You're Here to Be

Journey through the

12 Archetypes of a Powerful Woman Wheel with Nathalie

12 1:1 Healing Sessions to explore and awaken each archetype within the self and bring your Intentions to life

What You Will Experience


Shadow Work     Click HERE to learn more about Shadow Work TM

Transformational Rituals

Rekindling of Ancient Wisdom

Shamanic Journeying

Remembering of your inner strength & power

Reframing current life stories and patterns

Exploration of rituals to heal grief
Processes to transform limiting beliefs

Wisdom and knowledge of ancient archetypal wisdom

Discovery of your own personal movement through the wheel

Your Intentional Investment in your future


You may choose to traverse through the wheel 1 archetype per week or extend the journey for up to 3 weeks per archetype.

What Women are saying about the program….

- Jana L - Generation 1

What drew me to Woman Unveiled? One moment at a time. That's how it all started for me. Breathe in. Breathe out. I'm still here. Becoming comfortable with that internal yearning, the forever searching...for what? I'm not sure I could say...A warmth, a depth, a sense of purpose, of love...Of life itself I think. I remember my first circle. The strength and caring of the women in the room was palpable my hands sweat and my heart beat fast. I yearned to be seen, and for some reason my stomach turned. When it was my turn to speak, I felt a swell of unexpected grief and tears welled. A warmth seemed to radiate from the women, from the air itself it seemed, and my heart responded easily, almost effortlessly, the stuffed down tears now free. Quietness in the circle held me, no one spoke and yet all hearts seemed be wiht me. I couldn't speak. I passed my turn and small knowing nods and gentle murmurs a knowledge and blessed my release. Somehow without ever saying a word, I felt comforted, and lightened of a burden I didn't even know I was carrying. Being in circles with women have blessed my life far beyond what I thought was possible. I am a new, renewed and ever renewing woman with interconnected circles of women around me, and I am ever grateful to Nathalie, her lineage, family and committed foresight to the work that will change the world one empowered woman at a time...

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