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What is Soul Care?

The question here is what is self care vs soul care?

Self care is vital to sustained health. Most people know this. By now, especially if you’ve had any physical ailments of any kind, you’re aware that balance in all areas of your life is so important to sustained vitality. Just in case this is new information for you, here are the main areas in life that must be tended with equal love and attention:

Fundamentals of Self Care:

Nourishing your body with healthy, vibrant food & adequate water

Getting regular exercise that includes sweating / detoxing

Sleeping soundly at least 8 hrs / day

Addressing Addictions & Unhealthy Habits

Daily Relaxation processes

Intimacy & healthy relationships


Fulfilling Career

Emotional Intelligence & Well-being

Spiritual Practice

Joy Practices/Fun

Money awareness

There’s so much wonderful information and support in each of these areas available if something is out of balance in your life. Find the support you need and learn to thrive.

This discussion goes one step further. I’m noticing so many folks in a thriving career and just plain unhappy. Many of them are physically healthy, have good relationships and have most of life in order and still, are experiencing a dull ache. It’s hard to even pinpoint where the ache is originating. It’s just there.

My good friend Jennifer Summerfeldt has been exploring this concept of Soul Care as of late and it’s a great fit for what I believe is missing in today’s world.

Please check out her work. She's brilliant.

We’re conditioned to achieve, set goals, master skills, be successful. Rarely are we ever taught to nurture the heart, slow down, relax, accept the circumstances that arise, or foster understanding for ourselves or another. These skills fall under the auspices of the soul. And the wisdom of the soul lives in the heart.

When the outward expression of our lives is misaligned with the heart, it leaves a gapping hole. “Something is missing”, is a sentence I’ve heard numerous times. Something is, in fact, missing. Deep love and attention to the realm of the heart and the soul is what’s missing. And without it, there will be this perpetual questing for something we may not even know we’re questing for. We may find it in cheap thrills or one night stands or other quick fixes that give a temporary feeling of ecstasy. These are short lived.

Until the hole in the heart is filled, nothing else will suffice.

So how does one fill a hole in the heart? This isn’t something that can be filled by anything external, whether it be a person, place, or thing. It can only be satisfied by one’s own volition and willingness to be honest and real with the self. It requires a commitment to love yourself.

It starts and it ends with You.

This doesn’t mean becoming a narcissist. It’s about learning to listen and trust what lives in you.

You are a walking, breathing, loving, library of information and wisdom.

Your heart knows what aligns with and what draws you away from your purpose.

So soul wisdom and soul care begin in the heart. Take a moment right now to place a hand on your heart. What is it telling you? If you feel emotions welling up within, can you be present to them right here and now? The challenge with soul living is to learn to be comfortable with the sometimes uncomfortable nature of our turbulent emotions. They can feel like a storm that’s constantly changing and that’s exactly what they are – constantly changing. Which means that the painful emotions will pass and make more room for the joyful emotions. And this happens when you’ve honoured the space within your heart.

Breathe. Look within. Listen to the wisdom that lives in you. Your heart knows how to move through the emotional storm and in so doing, you open the doorway to your soul’s truth. It lives tucked away behind the wall that’s kept you from feeling deeply and fully all that is within.

Soul care is about trusting the wisdom within. Trust that the emotions moving through you are good and right. There’s nothing you’re doing wrong if you’re feeling deeply. Learn to honour the little one that lives in you and all the painful experiences the little one has had. Hold onto them tightly. Let them know they’re safe and it’s ok to be themself.

Soul care is deep inner care and loving kindness to yourself. It sounds still. It looks loving. It feels kind. It moves you when inspired. It’s real. It’s raw. It’s all of you.

Explore the ebook Living in the Heartfor more detailed practices about soul care. Sign up on HOME page.

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