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Journey into the mysteries to find the root of your happiness, to unravel what stands in your way, to empower yourself to stand in your most magnificent truth. This is the time.

You are being called by those who came before you, by those yet to come, to be all you are meant to be.  Join us as part of Women Unveiled School of Women’s Mysteries as we journey home.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for!

There are many paths to choose as you journey into your soul’s knowing. Woman Unveiled is but one of these many, rich paths.  

The Woman Unveiled Deeper Journey is a Mystery School Program for women who want to dive deeply into their inner world and clear away the debris that lives there. It’s very experiential, non-religious based, and open to all beliefs and walks of life.

It is a step into the unknown, an opportunity to face what stands in your way, to look honestly at the shadows that lie beneath the surface, and to step courageously into your own innate wisdom. It's comprised of 3 separate residential retreats.

The Woman Unveiled Apprenticeship is an opportunity to learn how to re-create these sacred rituals and bring your gifts out into the world with strength and power.


Priestess Initiation

Taking one deep step into women’s mysteries, you will be invited to face your inner fears, truths, magnificence, greatness, as we laugh, weep, dance our way to the fullest expression of Who We Are. This program consists of 3 separate retreats designed to lead us deeper and deeper into vast pool of infinite wisdom that lies within each of us.

As the world undergoes transformation, there is as calling for women to step forward and BE a part of this change. A calling to share our gifts and talents with others, to shine more brightly than we’ve ever shone before. Do you hear the call?

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12 Archetypes of a Powerful Woman Customized Program
This is a 12 week 1:1 program, custom designed to lead participants through the 12 Archetypes of a Powerful Woman Wheel and awaken to the full embodiment of these 12 ancient archetypes.
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The Apprenticeship


For women who have gone through the Deeper Journey and feel a calling to take this work further in their own lives. The apprenticeship will be a training into the intricacies of circles and rituals, as we support one another in achieving and manifesting our grandest visions.

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