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About Nathalie

Who am I?


To say that I’ve always had a deep inner knowing of what my life purpose is would be false…My journey started off much different than what it looks like now – coming from a stable, middle class, loving family of 4 girls I thought I had it all figured out. University + marriage + kids + career+ stable income = happiness, right?

It started off just fine – I completed my Electrical Engineering degree, found a wonderful life partner, married within 11 months of meeting, had our first baby 2 years later, and BAM! Shift happened.

The Story of Shift

The journey of motherhood was so not what I had expected! My son Liam cried for the first seven months of his life. He experienced a brain injury at birth. At seven months old

he had brain surgery. He recovered fine and is a healthy, vibrant young man today and I, in that moment, went back to the metaphorical drawing board of my life. That is when I discovered the healing arts. I went to every course I could get my hands on and in 2002 opened my first wholistic healing center, the Circles of Light, in Edmonton, Alberta. This was a magical time. I witnessed people heal from deep trauma. I experienced organized laughter. I learned how to be in community with others who loved life. These memories serve me well to this day. Three years later I closed the center to focus on my own healing practice and redirect my life energies.

During this personal time I met many more people who saw life as I did – a wondrous adventure full of opportunities to learn more, to live more, to love more. Village Lifestyles was birthed from this space of community and adventure. In 2007 we opened the doors and spent the next three years holding each other through hard times, finding and expressing our voices, dancing until our feet hurt, and knowing we belonged to something much bigger. We delighted in the joys of sharing our lives together. I had found my way home.

Our land has been an outward expression of a deep desire to create opportunities to experience community and life in a different way. We have organized and held events here that honour all beliefs and the diversity of all beings, from weddings to celebrations of womanhood to festivals that honour spring and fertility. Magic happens when we gather with open hearts and a yearning to love and be loved.


In 2009 a new doorway opened up for me. Through a series of synchronistic events, I found myself traveling back and forth to Massachusetts for 13 unique journeys as part of the Priestess Path Apprenticeship program with ALisa Starkweather. This was the beginning of the call that was to become my life’s work. With the guidance of ALisa’s gifted heart, we explored our most primal, raw selves. I jumped in with my whole heart and soul and learned to love like I never before knew was possible. From the very first gathering, I felt an urge to hold space for women in this way, an urge that was almost palpable and I knew that something was being birthed through me. As a mother holds her precious infant in her arms, I’ve held the vision, ebbed and flowed with the rhythm of its creation, and waited until the moment was right to bring it into life. Woman Unveiled School of Women’s Mysteries came forth from this vision.

“My thirst for living life fully propels me forward, keeping my flame burning brightly and my life’s purpose clear and real. I am here to create healing spaces for transformation. It is my intention and prayer that in the sacredness of these precious moments you too will find your way home.” 

~ Nathalie

Woman Unveiled school of women’s mysteries was birthed from this prayer. It is a program designed for women to explore the truth of your inner knowing, to go deep, to journey inward, to find your way home, to feel the support of a sisterhood of women around you, to learn to live your life fully, to be the most magnificent you.


Spiritual Leader & Champion of Women Power

A professional electrical engineer by trade, and a veritable high priestess of women’s empowerment in spirit, Nathalie Jackson has been on a journey of personal transformation for over two decades. She is passionate about her life’s work as the founder of the Woman Unveiled - School of Women’s Mysteries, guiding her aspiring sisterhood to identify the blocks holding them back, rise above their inner fears, and rediscover the truest version of themselves. A graduate of the Priestess Path Apprenticeship program and Women in Power Initiation, she is a holistic practitioner and healer, a certified FireWalk and ShadowWork® facilitator, as well as an expert in countless other life-affirming modalities. Co-founder of StoneHedge Ecovillage and the Alchemy of Womxn Festival, Nathalie’s greatest joy is leading women to revitalize their way of being, reconnect with their innate magnificence and embrace the joyous, abundant, successful life they deserve.


Join us on this journey into the mysteries

My Training


Certified FireWalk Facilitator through SUNDOOR  2016

Certified Shadow Work TM Facilitator 2015 – present
Priestess Path Apprenticeship Certificate – completed 2011
QXCI/SCIO Bio-Feedback Technician Certificate, Quantum Alliance, 2006
Applied Elemental Kinesiology Certificate, Empress Bridge Kinesiology College, 2004
Wholistic Practitioner Certificate, Grant McEwan University, 2002
BSc in Electrical Engineering, University of Alberta, 1997

Wholistic Modalities:
Touch for Health applied kinesiology
Awakening the Light Body
Quantum Healing
Theta Healing
Raindrop Technique

My Loves/Passions


My three sons and amazing warrior husband Michael

Founder of the Woman Unveiled School of Women’s Mysteries – 2011 – present
Gardening, organic farming, organic eating!
Being in circles with other women
Creating intentional ways to experience community – gatherings, parties, festivals, hooray!
Being out in nature, talking to the trees, birds, clouds
Experiencing life FULLY – jumping into cold water, running through the forest, skydiving, snorkeling, laughing, reading Dr. Seuss
Creating ceremonies and celebrations of life for births, deaths, weddings, life changes, memorable moments
Sharing all forms of spirituality with others – sweatlodges, nature, prayer circles, meditation – honouring all walks and beliefs

I'm so grateful to have met the one and only Nathalie Jackson. She not only offers amazing workshops, retreats, classes, festivals, and healing circles she whole-heartedly supports teachers like me and many others to share what we love by doing the same.  

She's down to earth. The way she talks about self-love and empowerment is inspiring and easily understood. I don't sense spiritual bypass "bull shit" with her. She's real and literally gets down in the dirt with you. No emotion is off the table. If you feel pissed off, she invites you to express it. If you feel elation and joy, express that. I feel completely and utterly accepted by her. And since that's her way of being, she attracts similar people. Because you can't do this kind of work alone. She doesn't profess to be a guru or a know-it-all. She's like a magnet for people who not only want to move and grow peace in the world but who intend to do it in a REAL way. 

I really don't have the sufficient words to fully encompass or encapsulate Nathalie's energy and spirit. In this video she talks about one of her amazing programs and keep in mind that she offers so much more.

I love that we have such a powerful mover of peace in our vicinity. I don't have to get on a plane to see her. She's a just short drive away.  

~Debbie - Artemis Temple

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