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Throughout All The Light and Dark Things, Nathalie spins the intriguing tale of several archetypal characters, each in their own way exploring the polarities of good and evil as their lives all inevitably intertwine against a backdrop that takes us from Toronto’s sterile skyscrapers to the sensual kaleidoscope of color, taste, and sound that is India.


Compelling her readers to become instantly entranced by each player’s complex personal story, Nathalie weaves together the destinies of the humble spiritual guru, Hadi, hiding a legacy of darkness even as the object of worship by thousands, the dark, sinister Crawley obsessed by revenge, the blissed-out Kalea, teacher of sexuality and avid advocate for the joy of juicy living, Margarite, the narcissistic young mother, who feels so oppressed she’s become suicidally depressed, and Magdalena, an abandoned child weighed down by grief.


Somehow connected to them all is our indomitable truth-seeker, Pepper, a dynamic no-nonsense journalist on a quest to find answers to the age-old human dichotomy between light and dark, hoping it will heal her deeply secret pain.


Through everything from dangerous encounters to forgiving reunions, these characters all come to trust each other as they learn to trust themselves. This innovative book, created for the inner truth-seeker in us all, deftly blends spiritual teachings with fictional prose, sharing the fate of seemingly disparate personalities that will ultimately resonate with every reader.


Come and join us on their journey of self-discovery, which may well become one of your own!

~  Zandra Bell, humorist, marketing innovator & word wizard,

author of I'M LISTING - Musings From a Modern, Middle-Aged Wild Wisewoman

Personal growth

About Nathalie Jackson

Spiritual Leader, Championing Empowered Women

A professional electrical engineer by trade, but a veritable high priestess of women’s empowerment in spirit, Nathalie Jackson has been on a journey of personal transformation for almost two decades. She is passionate about her life’s work as the founder of the Woman Unveiled - School of Women’s Mysteries, guiding her aspiring sisterhood to identify the blocks holding them back, rise above their inner fears, and rediscover the truest version of themselves. A graduate of the Priestess Path Apprenticeship program and Women in Power Initiation, she is a holistic practitioner and healer, a certified FireWalk and ShadowWork® facilitator, as well as an expert in countless other life-affirming modalities. Co-founder of StoneHedge Ecovillage and the Alchemy of Womxn Festival, Nathalie’s greatest joy is leading women to revitalize their way of being, reconnect with their innate magnificence and embrace the joyous, abundant, successful life they deserve.

Author of All the Light and Dark Things


Join us on this journey into the mysteries

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