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What's Coming!

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Following our very first Shadow Work (R) Foundations Workshop in March 2024, we've decided to offer another one. It was a truly powerful experience for those who braved the weather and their own shadows!

Each participant will be facilitated and led in a powerful way through deep emotional healing processes. 6 Hot Seats are available for those who choose to go further in their process and be led in an individual facilitated process.

The Foundations Workshop will give you a profound and felt understanding of the foundational elements in the flow of a Shadow Work process, from the first steps all the way to the conclusion of each type of process.

What you will experience:

-Explore the basic objectives associated with at least two of the BFT process types (Warrior Run and Ideal Support).

-Learn components of the Shadow Work(R) model and how it can apply to your life.

-Experience group Shadow Work (R) processes for deeply transformative healing.

-Engage in your own facilitated piece of work within a supportive and constructive environment. The basic concepts will be experienced in real-time followed by teaching moments from experienced facilitators and trainers.

Who is this for?

This Workshop is designed specifically for those folks who want to attend the Basic Facilitator Training (BFT). It is designed to provide you with the full experience of a Shadow Work® Seminar, plus it fulfills your pre-requisite for attending the BFT. It is also suitable for someone who wishes to learn about the Shadow Work (R) model and do their own piece of healing work.

Why Shadow Work?

The concept of the Shadow has been in the collective awareness since Carl Jung introduced it in the early 1900s. Only in the last 10 years has Shadow Work been a common phrase. 

We look at our shadows as a way of addressing, healing and integrating the hidden and repressed aspects of self. These aspects tend to cause disturbances in our lives, if not fully understood. Shadow Work (R) is a facilitated, concise body of work that addresses and excavates these repressed aspects of self, in a contained and symbolic way, creating the safety to then bring them out of shadow and reclaim more of our power, brightness, beauty, joy and much, much more. All aspects of self become available after doing such work. We essentially come home to all of who we are.

What you may experience as a result of this work:

  • Boost Your Confidence and Empower Your Voice: Embrace and harness the power of all your emotions: joy, fear, sadness, and anger, as catalysts for growth and expression.

  • Transform Challenging Situations and Relationships: Give your body an experiential "redo" so that you can shift your role in challenging situations and relationships that no longer serve you. Break free from unproductive, painful, or harmful patterns to foster healthier dynamics in your life.

  • Liberate Yourself from Stagnation: If you feel stuck in life, our workshop offers tools to help break through barriers and unlock your full potential. These tools will be taught in a way to enhance life after the weekend as well.

  • Deepen Self-Understanding and Harness Life Force Energy: Dig into self-discovery to gain insights into your patterns and behaviors to unlock the full potential of your life force energy.

  • Learn internal resourcing techniques that lead to a greater sense of emotional intelligence.

  • Learn to discern the voice of your Protector and how to navigate this part of self and empower yourself with new, more evolved and life-giving coping strategies.

The Power of Group Work:

  • Shared Experience: Learning from others' journeys provides insights and perspectives that enrich your own understanding and growth.

  • Collective Energy: The group's energy can support and motivate you, making it easier to delve into challenging aspects of self-exploration.

  • Guided Expertise: Our facilitators create a dynamic environment where collective activities and discussions lead to breakthroughs that solitary work often can't achieve.

  • Nervous System Co-Regulation: Engaging in group work allows for the unique benefit of co-regulating each other's nervous systems, fostering a sense of safety and belonging that accelerates healing and transformation. This mutual support can significantly enhance the ability to process and integrate emotional experiences.


Hot Seat spots (6 available): $1008
Non Hot Seat spots (10 available): $797

Contact Nathalie for registration details and info about payment plans.

A $150 non refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot. This is followed by a conversation with a facilitator to see if it's a good fit.

What others are saying

I can’t recommend Nathalie and Gretchen’s shadow work workshops enough. If you are looking to heal past trauma, struggling with overcoming a personal roadblock, or need tools to improve your relationships, this workshop is for you. Wherever you are on your path of personal development you will benefit from attending a workshop facilitated by Nathalie and Gretchen.

If the concept of confronting the hidden and unhealed parts of the self sounds a little scary or intimidating, trust that Nathalie and Gretchen have a talent for creating a safe environment. You’re invited to explore at your own pace, whether that's just testing the waters or jumping into the deep end. With their expert guidance they will direct you through an incredibly personalized shadow work process that I can only describe as transformative. The shadow work processes themselves are bracketed within the boundaries of the workshop so they will fit in with any other personal development programs or therapy endeavors you might be involved in.

If you want to learn how to accept and work with the darker parts of the self, you should sign up for Nathalie and Gretchen’s next shadow work workshop! You deserve it! ~CHRIS S.

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We're SUPER EXCITED to be bringing BACK the Basic Facilitator Training for SHADOW WORK (R)!!!!!!

It was a HUGE success the first time we offered it here in October, 2024. We've already got 5 spots filled for March 2025! If you're interested in becoming a Certified Shadow Work TM facilitator, this is the FIRST STEP in the training process.

There are only 3 spots left for this training.

Pre-requisites: attend a Shadow Work weekend, or New Warrior Training, or Woman Unveiled Mystery School

Contact Nathalie for registration details and info about payment plans.

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