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What is Sovereignty?

Webster Definition: Freedom from external control. Autonomy; self-determination Sovereignty is at the heart of our empowerment work and at the heart of most empowerment work to be honest. It’s key to all that we do. Without it, there’s no personal power nor autonomy as humans. So what exactly does sovereignty look like, feel like, behave like? Sovereignty is a journey or a remembering that the ultimate wisdom for the self lies within. There’s no one that knows more about your inner world than you do and oftentimes we just need a reminder that this is true. How many times do you give your power away to an expert, or a guru or a teacher or a specialist? We are expected to concede when an autho

What is Soul Care?

The question here is what is self care vs soul care? Self care is vital to sustained health. Most people know this. By now, especially if you’ve had any physical ailments of any kind, you’re aware that balance in all areas of your life is so important to sustained vitality. Just in case this is new information for you, here are the main areas in life that must be tended with equal love and attention: Fundamentals of Self Care: Nourishing your body with healthy, vibrant food & adequate water Getting regular exercise that includes sweating / detoxing Sleeping soundly at least 8 hrs / day Addressing Addictions & Unhealthy Habits Daily Relaxation processes Intimacy & healthy relationships Sensua

12 Archetypes of the Powerful Woman

Archetypes, as universal symbolic patterns or ways of being found within the human spirit, have been part of human civilization since the beginning. Having initially found their way through spoken word and story telling, they later entered into our history as written stories and historical accounts of mythologies, beliefs and ways of being together. They are inherent to our very existence. And as such, the stories we see and read and tell are building the civilizations of tomorrow. So which stories are we telling? The archetypes and myths found in our historical texts as well as the current literature and entertainment industry are focused primarily on masculine archetypes, giving rise to th

Archetypes: Mythology of the Self

Archetypes are universal symbolic patterns or ways of being found within the human spirit. They have been around since the beginning of human civilization, demonstrating ways in which humanity has made sense of the trials experienced in each era. They are foundational energetic forces that exist in each of us and depending on life’s experiences, we get opportunities to access these forces and live them out in some way. As with all of history, it has been written and recorded by the victors, the oppressors, and those in positions of power. The same is true for myths and archetypal stories. For this reason, most of the mythologies and stories we have access to today have a masculine tilt to th

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