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Shadow Times

Shadow times require a shaded approach; a willingness to observe the dark in-between places and get real with the self. Unresolved grief...Lack or denial of forgiveness...Lack of motivation for life and all its wonder...We find ourselves in these times now. Challenges on a global level are begging us to return to the drawing board of our civilization and that begins at home, in the comfort of the darkness.

Dig deep into the shadows that are arising. The soil is moist and fertile here. It sticks to your fingers and gets caught under your nails. It lingers in the cracks of your hands. It smells of rawness and decay. It holds the promise of new life only when all other life has died and decayed and returned to dust. Dig deep with the courage to get messy. The uncontrollable tears, seemingly insurmountable rage, miles of frustration, jealousy, fear. None of these are exempt from your human experience.


Let the stench linger on your fingertips. Eyes swollen; throat raw. This is where the real magick lives. This is the fertile ground so often spoken of.

Shadow times are fertile times. But only when decay has happened. Allow decay to happen. The Great Undoing...making way for The Great Awakening. We cannot have one without the other.

What remains unresolved from your past?

Knowing that the only work you can do is on yourself - what is calling for your attention?


If ever there was a time to take the time - NOW IS IT.

Have courage. Freedom lives on the other side of radical self-honesty.

The River of Love flows freely here.

You must pass through the forest, with her decaying floor, to reach this river.

Be brave, warrior of love. And walk on.

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