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Journey with Nathalie to learn about why Modern Day Mystery Schools are needed
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From the hive mind & those who have gone before us we learn the sacred teachings
As Above, So Below - An Ancient Teaching

The teaching of As Above, So Below has been a mystery and a paradox for thousands of years, offering many possible explanations from the sages and wise ones of every era. There is one interpretation that repeats itself in many different teachings and traditions and offers ample opportunity for self-awareness. 

The 'microcosm' and the 'macrocosm' teaching speaks to the wisdom that is found within our own lives and our own bodies (known as the microcosm - SO BELOW)  emulating the systems, processes, tides and rhythms of the natural world, the solar system and the universe (all representing the macrocosm - AS ABOVE).

So what does this mean exactly? It means that we are invited, as we evolve and step more into full awareness, to observe and learn from the natural world - noticing the changing seasons, observing the moon's phases, watching the creatures in their natural habitat. And from this place of respect and gentle observation, we learn more and more about our inner world.

The next time you're outside on a clear night, notice where the moon is and what phase it's in. The waning moon (becoming smaller) may bring with it more introspection, reverence for your story, appreciation for the gifts in your life and deep inner healing. The waxing moon (becoming larger) often brings with it a more outward expression and natural tendency to be seen, to socialize, to have discussions, to focus on what you're intending for your life.

Pay attention to the moon and She will teach you great wisdom. Be open to the wisdom coming to you in its unique form, offering something just for you. You may be surprised what you discover.

This teaching can be applied for all processes, systems, cycles and beings of the natural world. Observe the gifts Mother Earth bestows upon you. Her cup overflows with wisdom.

"Heed these words, You who wish to probe the depths of Nature:

If you do not find within yourself, that which you seek,

neither will you find it outside.

If you ignore the wonders of your own house,

how do you expect to find other wonders?

In you is hidden the Treasure of Treasures.

Know Thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods"

~The Oracle at Delphi

The Law of Cause & Effect

All effects are driven by causes. All conditions in our lives happen as a direct result of some cause. Most of the time, we simply do not recognize the cause of the circumstances and events that are taking place in our lives. Know that EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE is here BECAUSE OF AN INITIAL THOUGHT that set a series of effects into motion. 


Chance is a name for a Law that hasn’t been recognized yet. You may think that a certain event happened by chance or was just bad luck. In reality it's a matter of not recognizing the Natural Law that was in motion and how it has impacted this event and brought about this situation.


There is a time delay that occurs between each cause and its related effect. This makes it more difficult to recognize this principle and learn from its wisdom. The pattern is difficult to recognize. In order to begin this journey of awareness and recognition of the principle of cause and effect, you must have the Point in the Heart opened. This typically happens when there has been some major life-shifting event take place, such as a death, illness, or other painful loss/experience. These kind of life events will nudge the Point in the Heart to open and be more ready to receive higher wisdom and more receptive to the possibility of there being a different reality than the one you're currently mired to.


This principle is related to the law of Karma. Karma can be accumulated just as much from inaction as from action, meaning that if you see or witness injustice taking place, any inaction is as good as taking destructive action. Inaction is a choice to condone what is happening.  In order to truly affect change, you MUST understand this principle - that all of your actions/inactions, thoughts, and deeds have a resulting consequence. All of them. 


Asking the question WHY? will begin to empower you to take responsibility for the effects around you.  Why did this happen? What was the initial cause of this event? Without WHY, you are essentially powerless. Nothing can be done about the EFFECT – about WHAT IS. You CANNOT CHANGE WHAT IS. You can only accept or resist it.


Suffering happens by not accepting what is.

When looking at larger world issues, you must find the root cause and address that before any current life condition on this planet will change. 

We must acknowledge HOW BAD something is before it can be rectified. In order to do so, you must begin looking honestly at what is.

The Plane of Causality exists in the MENTAL WORLD.  All power to affect change lies in this plane of reality. To understand the WHY, you must address the cause in the mental plane – the thoughts that originated this chain of events. Look at your thoughts, feelings, actions – what thoughts needed to be in place for this suffering to happen? How are you interpreting life's events? What thought is at the root of your current life situation? THIS IS THE CAUSE. The power to affect change lies here.


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