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Vicki Woodard

We're SUPER EXCITED to be bringing BACK the Basic Facilitator Training for SHADOW WORK (R) to Alberta!!!!!!

It was a HUGE success the first time we offered it here in October, 2024. We've already got 5 spots filled for March 2025! If you're interested in becoming a Certified Shadow Work TM facilitator, this is the FIRST STEP in the training process.


22345 Twp Rd 514

Sherwood Park, Alberta


March 22-30,2025


Some snacks provided, but your are responsible for your own room and board.

The Shadow Work BFT provides you with powerful tools to liberate those parts of yourself (and others) that have been repressed and denied. It gives you step-by-step summaries for facilitating Shadow Work processes, together with lots of experiential practice time. We train small groups of facilitators so you can receive plenty of mentoring and guidance from us as you practice the processes. The scope of what you can expect to get out of this training is enormous and includes:
1. A solid grounding in the basic Shadow Work® facilitation skills, using the Shadow Work® Four-Quarter Model.
2. A powerful experience of your own personal growth.
3. Insights about facilitation: our “chop wood, carry water” approach takes you behind the scenes. We will show you how we harness our shadows to make us better facilitators.
4. A toolkit of professional facilitation skills that you can apply yourself, at home or in your community.

You will learn and then practice all the BFT processes, like the Pre-Process Steps, Risk Manager, What’s at Risk, Ideal Support, Working in Support, The Switch, the Pull-Out and the Warrior Run. You will practice each process on one of the trainers.

This is an invitation to learn about the essential Shadow Work facilitation skills and how to use them for yourself, your family, and in your community. The training we invite you to join will be intense, enjoyable and practical and will take you behind the scenes so that you can understand the thinking we employ while facilitating.

This training also provides you with the opportunity for some personal growth as you work with the shadows that might block your ability to facilitate – ­­or block your ability to just live the life you want. In this way, you will have more capacity, choice and balance with which to live your life.

Besides learning to facilitate Shadow Work processes, you will also be shown some of the four basic “Shifts in Perception” we use to illuminate the most difficult shadows you will encounter as a facilitator. Learning to understand what’s really beneath the most difficult shadows gives you leverage for dealing with most people. You will learn how each of the four biggest shadows grew out of a particular set of wounds, and how it can be unraveled and mended by the Shadow Work processes

This is an invitation to join us for an intense, enjoyable, enlightening and practical training in the skills you can use to set free the gold that lives inside the shadow.

Pre-requisites: attend a Shadow Work weekend, or New Warrior Training, or Woman Unveiled Mystery School, Woman Revealed

Contact Nathalie for registration details and info about payment plans.

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