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Are You A YES Person?

This has been on the forefront of my mind lately, as many opportunities have been flooding my reality, some gently nudging me to step forward towards my dreams, others offering a giant leap of advancement right out of the comfortable ‘zone of slow change’ I’ve create for myself.

Slowly, deliberately, a new truth has been clawing its way out of the hidden recesses of my psyche. Regardless of what’s being presented to me, whether it be a business opportunity, a marketing plan, a lunch date, an invitation to go deeper into my own healing by a friend or coach – there’s ALWAYS an initial gut response inside of me. Mine always says YES first until proven no. And I’m only realizing this about myself now! 40 years must be the magical time frame required for greater truths to wade through the muck of false assumptions…

So here’s the question I have for you: When someone asks you to do something, be part of something, buy something, contribute something of yourself, what is your initial response? For most of us, until we stop and recognize what’s happening, we initially throw up a wall that says NO WAY and then gradually we can be convinced otherwise. What if I told you that there’s a possibility for greatness that’s lost somewhere behind that initial wall? In reality, the wall is a defense mechanism that’s been put into place (usually subconsciously) based upon your past experiences. Now there may have been a real reason and necessity for it to be there in your past. Chances are pretty high that it’s not necessary now. I’m not saying to just say Yes to everything. It’s still critical to use your intuition and common sense in all situations. I’m suggesting here to say YES INTERNALLY FIRST, try the idea on, wear it around for a bit and then use all other senses to see if it lines up with your dreams, your soul’s path, and/or brings you joy. It’s in those first few minutes of being presented with something new that we actually close the door (or leave it wide open) to hundreds of potentially wondrous adventures by our NO or YES response.

My father is truly the inspiration for this frame of reference for me. When he was CEO of his engineering business (that he started from ground zero) he said YES to every request for new designs, new projects, new concepts, then he’d bring it to the design team and ask them to figure out HOW. He was (and still is) an eternal rotating front door to possibilities. He was even that way with us kids growing up. Never once did I feel like an idea wasn’t possible, having a father who greeted our ideas with an ever-open, limitless heart. For this and many other reasons, I feel truly blessed to have been raised by my parents…

As a result, when I think of my greatest dreams to be the founder of an eco-village, to create a movement of women supporting women, to allow my work to be as big as is needed by humanity – NO WHERE in my reality is there a No. Anything that could potentially enhance any part of this vision, I say Yes to, no matter how scary it feels, no matter how my saboteur or judge or predator tries to derail me. I’m choosing to be a rotating door of YESES..

I’m going to ask you this as a woman who believes in everyone’s inherent greatness, “What can you say YES to that aligns with your wondrous dreams today?” Are you willing to check your internal initial responses to whatever shows up and switch them to a YES? Can you give yourself permission to be as big as you’re here to be?

It all begins with a YES…

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