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The Commitment Saga

This has been a huge topic of conversation as of late in my life – the energetics of commitment. We seem to be in an ever-rapidly evolving and changing era in human history, where the average computer processor becomes ‘outdated’ in less than 6 months, leading people here in the West to continually want more and more, the newest and the greatest of what’s available. And this will never end. That better product will always be just around the corner. The irony with this treadmill that is ever-increasing in speed, is that we’re being trained out of believing that anything is long-lasting anymore. Planned obsolescence is this crazy concept that is readily accepted in our culture – we’ve made it ok to design new products TO FAIL within the first five years of life! So rather than teaching one another to fix and repair and maintain in good working order the items that fill our homes, we buy new…

I’ve been thinking lately about the energetics of this ‘training’. What does this mean for us on an emotional, social, cultural level? As we look around for the latest piece of new technology, we’re teaching ourselves to look outside when things go wrong, or when we have problems. The subconscious programming is that ‘something new’ will fix the problem. There’s an essence of non-commitment permeating our culture on all levels right now. If I have a problem with my job, I’ll start looking for a new one. If I’m encountering difficulties in my marriage, I’ll look for another person to fill the void. If I’m frustrated with a friend, I’ll dismiss them and focus on another one. We’re in a throw away culture and unfortunately, I see this mentality permeating into the most precious and tender areas of our lives. I see lack of commitment affecting people all around me, as they face the struggles that life presents and give up much too early, in my opinion. They give up when the going gets hard, rather than embracing the notion that hardship breeds transformation.

So how committed are you to your growth? The last time you encountered an obstacle, did you see it through to the end? I see this pattern show up often with people registering for transformational programs or classes. There’s this energy of, “Well, I’ll commit to myself as long as nothing better shows up.” Saying yes, joining events on facebook, agreeing to attend a particular event, and then waiting for that ‘something else’ to emerge, is a common trend I’m observing. As a facilitator of women’s transformational programs, I find myself directly in contact with these resistances on almost a daily level. Women listen to a nudge within themselves to step forward and make that motion, and then any sign of resistance from the outside world, sends them reeling in reverse, looking for the comfort of old patterns and ways of being.

In what area of you life are you encountering resistance to growth? What can you do today that is fierce and determined towards a goal you have for your Self? Can you take this step no matter what? I would like to be the first to encourage you to LEAP. Take the step that most scares you. Go way out of your comfort. Be bold. Be brave. With each step you take, you begin dismantling the energetics of this planned obsolescence society we’ve built and become part of building a new society – one that is fueled by real strength, determination, perseverance and our wildest dreams. Are you willing to live in a world as awesome as you imagine it to be? It begins with YOU! Take an action step today towards your dreams and watch as your world transforms right before your eyes…



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