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As I sit in a crowded cafe in Calgary today, I'm filled with awe at the complexity of the human expression. Somehow, in some way so foreign and unknown to me, we've agreed to enter the earth-plane and share this experience with Billions of others of the human species. This is amazing to me. We've contracted on a higher plane to have a journey in a human form and find our own unique expression while nearly 8 billion others are also carving out what it means to be alive at this point in history.

I recognize the fact that just by sitting here, well fed, warm, knowing I'm supported and loved, puts me in a minute category of privileged people. The very fact that I'm contemplating my existence at all classifies me in an even more elitist group of individuals who have the time and the spiritual privilege to contemplate these kinds of things. And so I contemplate and I write because I can, because I'm curious, because I know that my voice, along with every voice, matters. I actually consider it somewhat spiritually arrogant (which is a definite shadow side of privilege) to NOT contemplate. I see so many around me so focused on the mundane - what treasures they've purchased, what so-and-so said at work, how expensive everything is, what dismal weather we experience here in Alberta, Canada.

And I wonder, how different would it be if each of these conversations touched into our existential existence, why we're here, what good is to come from each of our lives, what positive change our voice can be used for?

Would this make a difference? Would we begin as a privileged society to move beyond "Me" consciousness towards "We"?

What if each person began to hear and believe that their full expression of their unique self mattered? Do You, who are reading this, believe that you matter? If I could send out a poll to the Western world, these are the questions I would ask, the parlour room discussions I would love to be hearing:

- how are you using your unique voice?

- do you believe that your voice counts in the Big Picture?

- do you feel empowered enough to say what you need to say?

- do you fear for your life if you were to speak out against injustice?

- do you believe that you matter?

This is what I would really like to know. These are the kinds of questions I would love others to ponder as they sit in their favorite cafe with their favorite drink.

I'm not certain that it would make a difference, but I'd sure like to be a part of a wave of movement that invites people of the earth-plane to stop, to breathe, to contemplate their existence, to re-organize and re-prioritize their lives based on the truths they've discovered in those still moments, or in those moments in a crowded cafe over a latte.

What would you discover if you took the time and asked yourself the questions?

Consider it a small challenge from one member of the earth-plane to another - ask the questions, listen to each other's responses, and take action, any action that aligns with the truth you find there...

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