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Post Mayan Manifesting

It’s been more than one whole year now since the end of the Mayan calendar, an entire year to think about what happened, didn’t happen, should have happened, what you wanted to have happen… And here we are.

I believe that we are in the process as a civilization of rapidly re-creating the world we live in, daily, minute-by-minute. With the Earth’s population well over 7 billion, that means that 7 billion souls are thinking thoughts that lead to certain actions, that create certain habits, that are impacting our entire planet. So literally every thought made by 7 billion Earthlings is leading to the re-creation of our world from moment to moment…

Wow. Take a moment here to contemplate what impact you’re having in this. Are your thoughts and actions and habits leading us further down the path of extraction, consumerism, destruction and separation from one another, or are they creating a world that has more tolerance, more love, more compassion and more abundance for all? If you knew that the thoughts you entertain the most, and the ones that have the most emotion behind them, are impacting the entire civilization, would this make a difference to you about the thoughts you choose to spend most of your time focused on?

Here you find yourself at the beginning of 2014, with an entire new year (and new world, every minute) ahead of you – So where are you going?

You may be wondering how do you, in fact, begin the daunting expedition of re-focusing your attention and shifting the direction of your thoughts? I believe this is a practice, a daily one, that is fueled by commitment and true, honest desire. I don’t think there’s a magical shortcut to living the life you want to be living. Every day for me begins with a deep desire to do something, initiate some form of action, adopt some kind of new habit, that leads me one step closer to my dreams. Some days that something is as simple as a personal commitment to inner peace, nothing more, nothing to do, just a willingness to be peace. Other days I wake with a burning desire to resolve a conflict or change a habit or clean out the clutter of my life.

What I can offer you is this – choose small goals that you can easily achieve in one day and celebrate the joy of having made a change, any change. It’s like reinforcing the foundation of your inner mansion. Every effort here has long-term, lasting rewards.

There will be successes and there will be failures - of this you can be certain. No great creation was ever achieved without its share of failures. It’s where you go from there, the re-emergence of new determination, that sets apart those who are willing to live out their inner greatness, from those who merely tolerate life. Are you willing to live your life to its fullest? Are you willing to see the greatness within your own heart and begin living your life from this place?

There is a field of greatness all around us. I will meet you there.

With Love, Nathalie

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