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 Woman Unveiled Apprenticeship

What Is It?

The Woman Unveiled Priestess Apprenticeship Program is a five-weekend program designed for women who have completed the Deeper Journey and feel a calling to explore greater truths about the self, for women who feel called to incorporate this work into your life’s work and also for those who feel drawn to possibly co-facilitating the Woman Unveiled program for future generations.


The Apprenticeship will take women on a journey through fears, take a closer look at the mysteries of ritual creation,  take a step towards group collaboration, experience the practice of MasterMinding, and examine our relationship to privilege and service.


The Apprenticeship is for women who are committed to their path and claiming their rightful place in this world. Only through true commitment to your Self will the way be made clear for you…As women on this path, this level of self commitment emphasizes co-creation and service in the world.


Women will be co-creating the weekends together, exploring the behind-the-scenes aspect of ritual/temple/sacred eating together as a circle. This is an exciting collaborative part of the experience!

2023  /2024 DATES


Weekend #1: Thurs Oct 19th 7pm - Sunday Oct 22nd 3pm

Weekend #2: Thurs Mar 28th 7pm - Sunday Mar 31st 3pm

Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb monthly circles



$300/weekend + $50 for the ropes course experience.

TOTAL: $650 Payment plans are available.

What You Will Experience:

High Ropes Course


Money, Rank, Privilege

Creation of Sacred Ritual

Exploration of the Divine Feminine

Archetypal Goddess work

Collaboration for service work in the community

Manifestation of deep desires and life goals

Difference Between Deeper Journey & Apprenticeship:

The Woman Unveiled Apprenticeship program is a leap off of the cliff towards your dreams. Together as a circle we will energize your intentions and support you in manifesting your dreams and desires. There is a much greater accountability program that is established between you, the facilitator and your circle.


This program is about you living the life you want to live and stepping out into the world with your newly developed skills, as the powerful woman you are. Expect to go deeper here and have further opportunity to bond with your circle of sisters, creating a long-lasting circle dynamic.

What Graduates Have Said:

“The Deeper Journey prepares you for cracking open the access to your true self. The Apprenticeship program dives you into that part of yourself that needs the light to touch it so that it can be released into the world” ~K.D.

“The Apprenticeship program motivates you to take the learnings of your heart out into a focused journey connected with your purpose.” ~J.S.

“First in the Deeper Journey my heart was opened, my awareness of the sacred expanded. In the Apprenticeship, the action in real life takes place.” ~J.L.

“The Deeper Journey helped me to awaken and love my darkest shadows. As a result, I love myself more. The Apprenticeship program allowed me to share with the world all I have learned, no longer trapped in time, I am now free in the here and now.” ~G.P.

“The Apprenticeship program is life changing. It allowed for growth and expansion spiritually and created an awakening inside me – an awakening that I am power; I am perfect; I am…The bonds we created in our circle are indescribable.” ~K.D.

“Life changing. Life giving. Creating opportunities to live to the point of tears.” ~J.L.

“Nathalie is truly a loving light. The way she walked with us gently leading us along this path. Nobody else in the universe could have done this like she has…” ~S.H.

“This has been the most remarkable, profound, internal journey. It pervades time and space. It has connected the fragmented, healed the broken and filled in the missing.” ~A.W.

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