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Sacred Teachings of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life
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Sephira #10 - Malkuth

Beginning at the base of the TOL - Malkuth - Kingdom

This is the place of the 5 senses

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Tree of Life Basics

Translation = Kingdom
Planet = Earth
Symbology = Sphinx (Guardian of the threshold)
Legendary beings = Gnome
Rock/Crystal = Rock Quartz
Tarot = 10s and Pages/Princes'
Divine Name = ADNI HARTZ (Adonai Ha Aretz)
God/Goddes =  Demeter, Ganesha
Body part = Feet, knees, base of spine
Physical disorders = death
Plants = Corn, clover, willow, lavendar, Sandalwood, Meadowsweet, oak
Animal = Rabbit
Angel = Sandalphon
Color = Russet, Olive, Citrine, Black

Sephira #9 - Yesod

The sphere of the subconscious mind - the place where dreams are born and beliefs emerge. This is where we change our programming and create a new reality

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New Beliefs

Translation = Foundation
Planet = Moon
Symbology = Mirror (barrier between conscious and subconscious minds), magical circle
Legendary beings = Vampire
Rock/Crystal = Quartz, moonstone
Tarot = 9's
Divine Name = Shaddai Al Chai
God/Goddes =  Artemis, Shu
Body part = Sexual organs
Physical disorders = sexual disorders
Plants = Willow, incense, damiana, iris, violet,
Animal = Elephant, cat
Angel = Gabriel
Color = Violet
Element = Air
Virtues = Independence from unwanted influences, control over emotions
Vices = lazyness, convenience, suggestibility

Creatrix belief repatterningArtist Name
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Sephira #8 - Hod

Hod is the sphere of the mental realm, the place where structure is formed and deep analysis of self and one's progress happens.

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Universal Laws

Translation = Glory or Spendour
Planet = Mercury
Symbology = Jackal (intelligence, srutiny, investigation), holy names, prayers, invocations, dagger
Legendary beings = elf
Rock/Crystal = Fire Opal
Tarot = 8's - redirection of energies based on which element it's in
Divine Name = Elohim Tzabaoth
God/Goddes =  Anubis (Guardian of the Dead, protector of the Way, Scales of Ma'at weighed here)
Spiritual beings = Demi gods
Body part = Right hip, kidneys, right arm, right hand, right leg
Physical disorders = right kidney disorders
Plants = Moly, Rosemary, Pansy, Storax, sage, hazelnut tree,
Animal = Fox
Angel = Michael - who is like God
Color = Orange
Element = Water
Virtues = honesty, veracity, truthfullness, power of judgment, argument, concentration
Vices = falsehood, dishonesty, careless speech

Sephira #7 - Netzach

The sphere of Netzach brings us deeply into the realm of chaos and pure life force energy and creativity

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Emotions List

Planet = Venus
Element = Fire
Symbology = Lynx, Rose (symbol of love, passion, tenderness­)
Legendary Beings = Faun
Rock/Crystal = Emerald
Tarot = 7's possible victory but don't be dominated by inclinations
Divine Name = YodHeyVavHey Tzabaoth
God/Goddes =  Venus, Aphrodite, Hathor
Body part = Left Hip, Hand, Leg, Left Kidney, Solar Plexus
Body Disorders = Left Kidney disorders 
Plants = Sandalwood, Damiana, Benzoin, red Rose, Patchouli, Apple
Animal = Dove
Angel = Hanael: Grace of God, inpsiration, artisitc, founder of friendship and love
Color = Green
Virtues: Creative thinking, charisma, arouse inspiration
Vices: hedonism, craving for pleasure

Sephira #6 - Tiphareth

Tiphareth is the heart of the Tree. This is the place of harmony, of learning how to operate as part of a collective

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Self Love Retreat

Planet = Sun (in astrology sun sign represents basic character)
Symbology = hexagram, rosy cross, cube, martyr (letting go of ego for higher purpose)
Rock/Crystal = Topaz
Tarot = 6s (success in whichever suit)
Divine Name = YHVH Eloha Ve-Daat
God/Goddes =  Osiris, Ra
Legendary being = fairy, Phoenix
Body part = heart, thymus
Disfunctions = heart failure/disease, thymus, immunosystem disorders
Plants = Yellow Rose, hawthorn, bay laurel, holly, olibanum,
Animal = Spider
Angel = Raphael (Healer of God)
Color = Gold, yellow
Virtues: self knowledge, devotion to great work, humility, readiness to make sacrifices, inner peace
Vices: pride, arrogance, vanity, egotism

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Soul Reflections

Sphere #5 - Geburah

This sphere is the place of destruction, where we learn about our own power, how to set boundaries cleanly and  how to let go

Planet = Mars
Symbology = sword, pentagram
Legendary being = dwarf, basilisk
Magical image = Warrior king in full armour
Rock/Crystal = Ruby
Tarot = 5s (instability, uncertainty)
Divine Name = Elohim Gibor   (Strong God)
God/Goddes =  Horus, Ma'at
Body part = right shoulder, right adrenal
Disorders = too much adrenalin leading the burnout, anxiety
Plants = Cypress, borage, peony, Rowan tree, oak, nettle, Tobacco
Animal = Horse
Angel = Kamael
Color = Red flecked with black
Element = Fire
Virtues = Courage, bravery, assertiveness, discipline, justice
Vices = Cruelty, hatred, vengence

Intro Geburah.jpg



42 Principles


Sephira #4 - Chesed

Chesed is the Sephira of abundant giving and loving kindness. 


Intro Chesed.jpg

Translation = Mercy
Planet = Jupiter - world view derived from values
Symbology = Sphinx, tetrahedron, sceptor, imperial orb (symbols of the king)
Legendary being = Unicorn
Rock/Crystal = Amethyst, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli
Element = Water
Tarot = 4s - established order
Divine Name = EL
God/Goddes =  Amoun
Body part = Left shoulder, left arm, left adrenal
Disorders = Adrenalin from flee state, muscular deterioration, auto-immune dis-eases
Plants = Shamrock, Cedar, Tulip, Borage, Birch
Animal = Dolphin
Angel = Tzadkiel - Righteousness of God
Color = Blue
Virtues = loyalty, obedience, fidelity, rightousness, morals, benevolence
Vices = opportunism, hipocrisy, narrow-mindedness, blind confidence, blind obedience, weakness, defencelessness
Color = Red flecked with black
Element = Fire
Virtues = Courage, bravery, assertiveness, discipline, justice
Vices = Cruelty, hatred, vengence

Find Your Passion

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Sephira #3 - Binah

Translation = Understanding
Planet = Saturn: seriousness of life, discipline, self restraint
Symbology = Chalice: conception, love, higher insight; dark pillar/left pillar
Legendary being = Siren
Rock/Crystal = Pearl
Element = Water
Tarot = Queens - , 3s - first effects of each element
Divine Name = Yod Hey Vav Hey Elohim
God/Goddes =  Isis
Body part = Right side of head
Disorders = Right brain disorders
Plants = Cypress, Poppy, Myrrh, Lily, Comfrey, Alder
Animal = Whale
Angel = Tzaphkiel - contemplation of God
Color = Black - grief, absorbing, receiving
Virtues = Silence
Vices = Stinginess, exaggerated restraint

Intro Binah.jpg


Groupings on Tree

Sephira #2 - Chokmah

The correspondences for Chokmah are: 
Translation = Wisdom
Planet = Neptune (how and in which area we see visions)
Symbology = The Word, Magical Wand (will of the mystery student), Right Pillar
Legendary being = Lemur
Rock/Crystal = Turquoise
Element = Fire
Tarot = Kings, 2s (pure principal of each element - first manifestation of element)
Divine Name = Yah (short form of Tetragrammaton)
God/Goddes =  Thoth
Body part = Left side of head
Disorders = Left brain disorders
Plants = Amaranth, Orchid, Frankincence, Rosemary, Beech 
Animal = Owl
Angel = Raziel
Color = Grey
Virtues = Purpose, devotion, unreserved dedication

Intro Chokmah.jpg



4 Worlds

3 Step to Myth Making

Sephira #1 - Kether

Kether is the Sephira of All That Is, undefined, unknowable


Intro Kether.jpg

Translation = Crown
Planet = Pluto (uncompromised striving for the best)
Symbology = Lotus, a point, altar light (primordial light)
Legendary being = Dryad
Rock/Crystal = Diamond
Element = Air
Tarot = Aces
Divine Name = Eheieh
God/Goddes =  Ptah
Body part = Crown of head
Disorders = lifelessness, soul-less
Plants = Lotus, Almond tree, Chamomile
Animal = Swan
Angel = Metatron (highest principals - highest of arch angels)
Color = Brilliant white
Virtues = Perfection, completeness, completion of Great Work

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Placement of activation sheets

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