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Initiation into the 
Shadow Realms

Searching for Your Hidden Potential

Initiation into the Shadow Realms.jpg

April 28, 29, 30 - 3 FULL DAYS

Grande Prairie, AB

Welcome to the dreamscape of Shadow + Nightmare.

This workshop is a 3 day immersive experience where you will be led & initiated by 5 practiced Shamanic Dream teachers & Shadow Work facilitators.

This workshop is open to Dreamers of all genders, sex and sexual orientation. Dreamers of all levels of knowledge, skill and experience are welcome who are 18 years and older.


This 3 day workshop includes:

- Rustic Co-Ed shared accommodations
- Healthy meals for full 3 days
- Shamanic initiations
- Shadow Work processes
- Shadow Dance
- Self regulation practices (including breathwork & somatic movement)

This workshop invites you to enter the realm of shadow & nightmare. This dreamscape provides opportunity to experience deep emotional healing and meet what exists within the shadows of our own subconscious and psyche.

When we dare to enter these realms with courage, we are given the opportunity to release energetic blocks and limiting beliefs that live in the conscious, subconscious and physic levels in order to overcome our deepest fears & unlock our hidden soul potential.

"The only thing holding you back is you."

If you feel the call to this workshop, lean in... listen to what the call is saying.

Don't allow your stories of judgement & limitation to stop you; instead trust that your dreamer has led you to this space for a reason.... perhaps it's because you are ready .. because the time is now.


- Friday: arrive at 10am / we go until late
- Saturday: Begin the day at 9am / we go until late
- Sunday: Begin the day at 9am / we will finish closing ceremony by 2pm


AFTER APRIL 1st: $1,111

Non-Refundable deposit of $222 to reserve your EARLY BIRD SPOT


To register contact:
Nathalie :
Payment plans accepted

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