Reclaiming the Power of your Sexuality
Women's Transformation Event

EW Apr 2020 Women.jpg

April 24th - 26th, 2020

Friday April 24th, 2020  9am - 6pm

Saturday April 25th, 2020  9am - 9pm

Sunday, April 26th, 2020  9am - 5pm

LOCATION: StoneHedge Eco-Farm
20 South-east of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

EARLY BIRD COST: (before Feb 8th) $495

Regular Admission $625

Facilitated by:

Nathalie Jackson & Bridget Carwyn

ErosWork - This powerful new organization is focussed on creating sacred containers for the safe healing and transformation of our sexuality.

This event is for those who identify as women only.

Delving into the realm of shadows, we will explore what has kept us limited in our own sexuality and prevented us from the greatest expression of freedom that our soul desires.

We will explore the intricacies and beauties of the divine feminine, learning new ways to love and respect this body we're in.
We will learn about boundaries and the co-creation of safe containers for deep exploration into our sexual shadows.



Deep transformational processes to clear limiting beliefs around sexuality

Tools to continue this healing on your own

Processes to heal past wounding and release shame

Ecstatic Dance journey SATURDAY evening to reclaim the power of your sexual archetypes


Contact Nathalie ( ) for details or to register.

Space is limited to 16 participants

ErosWork Sexuality & Shadows
Healing Event

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May 15th - 17th, 2020

Friday May 15th 9am - 5pm

Saturday May 16th  9am -5pm

Sunday May 17th  9am - 5pm

LOCATION: Stonehedge Eco-Farm

20 min Southeast of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



Facilitated by:

Nathalie Jackson & Giles Carwyn

Early Bird Rate (before April 2nd) - $600 CAD

Rate (after April 2nd) - $650 CAD

COUPLES RATE: $1111 (for both)

As human beings, sexuality is fundamental to who we are. It is intimately tied to our sense of self and our place in the world. But cultural expectations are nowhere close to matching the internal reality of most people.

Our culture tends to frame our sexuality in a very negative light. For centuries, our culture has simultaneously controlled, entitled, shamed, objectified, misrepresented, obligated and condemned us as sexual beings. We have been painted as exploitable, dangerous, creepy, frigid, wanton, unsafe, selfish, inadequate, unavailable, and perverse. This disconnect between cultural expectations and personal feelings has left many living with a deep sense of fear, anger, shame and rejection around their sexuality.

Many of these feelings are endured in silence because social taboos pushed personal sexuality into the shadows leaving many starving for a place where they can talk freely about the painful and joyful ways their sexuality and has shown up in their lives.

This seminar will be a rare opportunity for like-minded people to gather to have a frank and honest look at gender, power dynamics, and sexuality on personal, interpersonal and cultural levels.

All are welcome.

It is an opportunity to:

  • Share your deepest truths without shame or blame

  • Debunk pervasive myths about human sexuality

  • Heal the cultural rift between the masculine and femenine

  • Transform painful, self-limiting beliefs

  • Overcome internal resistance

  • Access joy and connection