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9 Moons Healing Circle

9 Months of Deep Exploration of the Inner Self

with Jennifer Summerfeldt & Nathalie Jackson


Beginning Sept 19th

Only 18 spots left!

This program is for women who are tired of the same emotional triggers taking over - tired of the ups and downs without any apparent control.


This is for women who want to feel supported as they uncover the core wounds that have been keeping them locked in painful patterns and want to transform these patterns in an empowering and safe way.

This program is a soul journey - an exploration that will help you reconnect with your soul and listen to what it has to say. It will support you on your healing journey and give you the tools to navigate the stormy emotional waters.

Learn to ride the waves of your emotions, and transform the insight found here into powerful soul wisdom.

Every month we will gather for an evening in person for a 3-hour circle and we will meet online once a month for a 90-minute group accountability and check-in call. You will receive over 4 hours of therapeutic support each month.

Nathalie & Jennifer will guide you through a variety of processes that support empowered emotional intelligence.

Learn to recognize your triggers.
Learn to listen and change your inner negative chatter that feels so real
Learn to honour all parts of yourself as you acknowledge the beautiful complexity of the human soul

Every month we will also be gathering online for a check-in and a reconnection, enhancing the intentions you set for yourself as the group holds an image of you walking as the woman you are choosing to walk as.

The power of group intention will become your ally here in this supportive circle of women.
You will also journey more closely with one other woman, witnessing each other's process and deepening your sense of belonging.

This is for women who are ready for a change. Are you ready? Do you want to feel supported as you undergo these changes?

Before you register please take a moment to answer the following questions from your heart: 
Can you commit to a monthly circle for 9 moons?
Can you be accountable to the group and another woman throughout these 9 moons?
Do you want to change?
Do you want to explore your emotional field and release pain from your past?
Can you tolerate a fair amount of emotional information without becoming too dysregulated that your life is at risk or you will be flooded with suicidal ideations?
Are you currently working regularly with a therapist if you have a complicated mental health challenge?
Have you attended one of our circles in the past, or have you worked with either Nathalie or Jennifer in the past? If not, please contact us so we can have a wee chat to learn more about you and your desires.
Are you at a stage of growth and healing in which you have been 'doing' a lot of self-work and you are ready to go deeper?
Do you recognize that vulnerability is a key to change and that engaging in a group helps you learn that you are safe being vulnerable?
Are you inspired to step outside of your own pain and realize that there is a collective pain that we are all experiencing and sharing?
Are you inspired to set intentions and hold intentions for each member of the group?
If you have answered yes to most of these questions, we are thrilled to have you register for this intimate, yet powerful, circle program.

Investment - All of the above for one monthly payment of $133 per month, for 9 moons

due on the 1st of each month.

CBC interviewed Nathalie for those who didn't get a chance to view the clip check it out:



Big Love,
Jennifer and Nathalie

Here's a peak into a sacred temple space created for this women's healing circle

What You Receive:
1 monthly 3-hr healing circle (in person)
1 online group call
access to secret facebook group


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